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Assets Tool

Rest assured, your engine already comes with more than 500 assets, ready to be dropped into your game engine for use! The Assets tool is your one place to quickly locate assets, like trees, bushes, buildings, rocks, and more. Furthermore, the ability to Flood your map with a particular asset is amazingly quick and easy, due to the use of the Perlin-Noise generator.

Behaviors Tool

A.I. Steering Behaviors are also included in the Temporal Wars 3D engine. Using the Behaviors tool, "Steering" behaviors can be directly assigned to any playable item within the game world. Behaviors, like the 'Wander' behavior, can easily be assigned to an item by simply picking the item in the game world, and then assigning the behavior. Immediately, the item will inherit the A.I. logic from the given behavior.

Height Tool

Directly manipulate the wireframe used in the terrain, with tools like Rise, Lower, Smooth, or flatten. Or instantly create an entire height Map for your terrain, with the included Perlin-Noise generator. Since the editor is integrated with the runtime, you can toggle between your game and editors in real-time.

Texture Tool

Paint textures onto the terrain, either manually with the paint brush, or procedurally. With the Perlin-Noise generator, you can instantly combine two textures to smoothly create transitions, which would normally take an artist hours to complete manually! The ability to also change the ambience color factor or specular light, for each of the dual layers, will create realistic effects normally only seen in AAA engines.

Trigger Area Tool

Trigger Areas are also an important aspect to scripting a game level. The Trigger Area's tool allows the game creator to define areas within the game world, and then assign some user-defined name. Triggers, as the name implies, are triggered when some game item, like a tank, or the camera itself, enters a trigger-area.

Waypoint Tool

Waypoints are an important aspect to scripting a game level. Within the Temporal Wars 3D engine, waypoints can be set anywhere on the terrain, and then connected to create waypoint-paths. Waypoints provide the ability to script orders in your game, as well as create camera cinematic by connecting the camera to a waypoint-path.

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clocker12c Mar 1, 2013 at 5:26 AM 
When i try to open the runtime i get the error "DeployLX licensing developer mode is enabled. be sure to disable this feature before releasing your assembly" and then it just crashes

clocker12c Mar 1, 2013 at 5:23 AM 
Also awesome work man, well done

clocker12c Mar 1, 2013 at 5:23 AM 
Hey dude, how do i access these tools? Ive downloaded the same runtime like 4 times from this page and the main page..?