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Welcome to my 'Temporal-Wars' Indie game engine documentation. I have created several YouTube videos on how to install the FREE game engine on your system.

I started the FREE game engine in 2008, as a silly side-project to learn the XNA framework. However, the longer I worked on the project, the more I wanted to accomplish. First it was just the Terrain engine, learning how to create the heightmap, store heightdata and tesselate the terrain. Then it was the texturing and paint tools, which finally led into the idea of an R.T.S. component to the game engine. Overtime, I incorporated the particles sample from the XNA website, added water effects, shadowing, AI, Physics, and instancing.

Here is now 2012, and I am still chugging away at this Indie game engine during my free time! I am currently adding a separate 'Scripting' game component, which allows quick game creation using this controller.

Video Documentation;

HowTo Install:
HowTo Paint:
HowTo Height:
HowTo Perlin:
HowTo Perlin:

Ben Scharbach

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