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Temporal-Wars XNA Indie Game Engine

I started the FREE game engine in 2008, as a silly side-project to learn the XNA framework. However, the longer I worked on the project, the more I wanted to accomplish. First it was just the Terrain engine, learning how to create the height map, store height data and tessellate the terrain. Then it was the texturing and paint tools, which finally led into the idea of an R.T.S. component to the game engine. Overtime, I incorporated the particles sample from the XNA website, added water effects, shadowing, AI, Physics, and instancing.

Here is now 2012, and I am still chugging away at this Indie game engine during my free time! I am currently adding a separate 'Scripting' game component, which allows quick game creation using this controller.

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My Temporal Wars game engine is a FREE engine, which is almost 40,000 lines long, developed on my own free time.  If you find this engine useful, I’d appreciate donations to support future development.

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My Indie game engine contains a small home-grown toolset, which allows for placement of artwork, updating of the terrain height, perlin-noise generation, texture painting and more!

> Youtube Game Video – Pumpkin Toss

> Youtube Video - Pumpkin Toss - Creation - Part 1

> Youtube Video - Pumpkin Toss - Creation - Part 2


Temporal Wars 3D Engine includes a full suite of WYSIWG tools designed for rapid creation of your game world. Temporal Wars editors, like the Height, Paint and Assets Tools, can be used to manipulate objects and textures in real-time.

Temporal Wars 3D Engine is designed to take full advantage of modern hardware, and includes per-pixel dynamic lighting, normal mapping, specular mapping, multi-layer texturing, and much more!

Temporal Wars 3D Engine is a powerful easy-to-use 3D rendering game engine, built on the XNA Framework, for commercial development both on the Windows and Xbox-360 platforms.

Architect from the ground up to take full advantage of the XBOX's threading capabilities and powerful graphics, while also providing powerful AI components, like Steering Behaviors and A-Star path finding, Temporal Wars 3D Engine gives you the edge you've been looking for in a game engine!

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