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Artwork Loaders Needed!


Currently, if any version number changes occur to the main game engine, then all artwork MUST be recompiled with contentpipline projects, in order to reflect the new version numbers.  Prior, this was not a problem because the version number was always 1.0!  However, now that the version number will be updated correctly and the engine is now Strong Named, the artwork loaders need to be decoupled from the main indie game engine - Ben


wrote Oct 20, 2012 at 2:32 AM

New Artwork Loaders; [C]

Updated the TWEngine by decoupling the loading of assets to now be in separate assemblies from the main game engine.  This will fix the issue of changing the TWEngine's version number or strong name and having to update all the artwork to load into the engine, since now the artwork is loaded using these new "LOADER" assemblies.  This change created 3 new project loaders called 'HeightDataLoader', 'ScenaryDataLoader' and 'InstancedModelLoader'.

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